Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Hey, just wondering if anyone has heard anything from or about Lia? She was supposed to send my sock kit, and I never received anything and I have not heard from her, so I was wondering if maybe someone knows what happened. Trying really hard not to feel screwed over here :)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

HSKS3 Site

The HSKS3 site is up. I'll be updating it more in a couple of weeks.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Hi Sarah, Have you received your swap kit yet? I mailed it a zillion years ago and sent it priority owl. I never thought it would take this long to get to Wales. Do you think the owl took a break somewhere between here and there? Georgi


Hey, everyone! I'm loving seeing all the really neat kits that you've made!! I've gotten some great ideas for the next swap *rubbing hands together!*

I leave for a missionary trip to Mexico this Saturday, August 4th. So, I will be unavailable until after Sunday, August 12th.

If your package does not reach you by Friday, August 10th, and you have not heard from your partner, please come back here and leave a tag at this post letting me know. That person will sadly be put on the HSKS black list, and will be unable to participate in future swaps.

Again, thanks for all the fun!!! I hope to see many of you back for the next swap. I'll be making announcements for it shortly after I return home.

Thanks Jenean!

Thanks Jenean! My wonderful package arrived last week and I am so very pleased with it. The bag and the needle case is amazing. The treats right from Honeydukes. The yarn - Alpaca! My favorite! And in beautiful Gryffindor colors! The stitch markers came in a potions bottle! I am one very happy Gryffindor! Now, back to read book 7!