Saturday, June 30, 2007

A question for (my) confusion

I am wondering if we are supposed to knit socks for our exchange partner, or just send yarn and a pattern. I noticed that the first swap involved knitting the socks, and when reading a few participants blogs, they say they are knitting their partner's socks. Unfortunately, not all of the blogs I have looked at seem to have been updated, so I am not sure if they are knitting for this (#2) swap, or the first one (since a lot of folks seem to be in both). I just need a little help an if I am supposed to be knitting a pair of socks so I can plan my calender. Thanks!


Lisa said...

No Barbara - you are just supposed to get together a kit! Makes for a very easy swap.

Tammy's Knitting Again said...

We just send the sock yarn that is another swap on line that is the hogwarts sock swap you make the socks for your partner. This one you provide sock yarn, needles, and stitch markers. Hope this helps

Jenean said...

Barbara - you're probably confused because there are two different swaps going on currently. My swap is a sock KIT swap and then there is the sock swap over at -
The KIT swap does not involve any knitting of socks, but there may be knitting should you decide to knit the bag :)