Saturday, June 30, 2007


Can you believe there are only 3 weeks left to the swap??? Oh my gosh! Thankfully I ordered my needles and stitch markers already. I only have to get the yarn now. I was going to knit a bag, but think that this one will definitely by sewn.

I was going to start the first Quidditch round this weekend, but murphy's Law definitely prevented me from focusing on this swap. So, this is what will happen. This Wednesday the trivia will be posted for all to see. The Snitch will be released on Saturday. This will give everyone a chance to get their trivia answers up. NOTE!!! Once the Snitch is found the trivia questions are removed from the site and points will be totaled. In order to get two rounds in the next round of Quidditch will take place the following week.

Prizes are yet to be determined.

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Angela said...

I am sewing my bag as well. There are beautiful fabrics at the stores, wow! Now I have something else to create a stash for, uh oh! At least this made me open up my sewing maching I got for Christmas, LOL!!! And learn how to sew too!! At least the seams for the bag came out straight so looks like I won't have to make a do-over one :o)