Tuesday, July 17, 2007

3 Days and counting!!!!

3 days until the book I can hardly wait. Where was the snitch found?


Angela said...

It was on Janean's page ... funny because technically she gave a super hint that I think a lot of us overlooked ... but its what finally made me look there. She mentioned her son's birthday part ... well it was a comment to the post about the party on her blog!!!

Angela T.
Hufflepuff ... AKA the Seeker :o)

Bronwyn said...

Yeah It was on her blog.. sneeky. I found it through sheer determination and looking at everyone's blog, haha.

Mary said...

Attention All Slytherin!!!!
We need to find the snitch so we can catch up. Well I looked around but wasnt sure where to look.Now I know. I too looked in most players sites but wasnt sure I was looking in the right place. Thanks for the tip.