Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Quidditch ~ Round One

Okay, gals! Here's how this works. I post a total of 10 trivia questions and 5 pictures for you to find and post on your blogs. Below is the points schedule:

20 House Points

Picture Scavenger Hunt
5 House Points

Total House participation bonus
50 House Points

Finding the Snitch
150 House Points

The trivia will be up until Saturday. The Snitch will be released mid-day Saturday and is usually found pretty quickly - within the hour of it being released. After the Snitch has been found the trivia comes of the site and the House points will be totaled.


Angela said...

I posted my pictures :o) I am not doing so well with the trivia though!

Lesley said...

Done! exactly does the snitch thing work?

Lady O said...

Are we supposed to put up a comment once we've posted?

Jenean said...

No, you don't need to put up a comment. When the Snitch is released I visit all blogs so that I can total up the points. So, I'll see your Quidditch answers for sure!