Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Swapping with Who???????

Could someone please tell me who I am supposed to send a kit to? I heard from the person sending to me and the two of us THINK we know who I send to but all I have is a maybe and a first name. No email, no mailing address. I emailed asking back when I heard from the girl sending to me but so far no email back.

Lia, if you did forward the information yesterday as your email said, it never arrived in my email.

Please and thank you


Jenean said...

What's your name, hon? I'm not sure who Dragonsinger is :)

Dragonsinger said...

Mary C - trinity knot is the blog.

Jenean said...

Mary, do you have my email address? I've emailed you no less than 3 times with your partners information. Maybe I don't have your correct email address. Can you email me with your correct address?

Dragonsinger said...

Just emailed you now :) thanks

Dragonsinger said...

Thanks for getting back to me on IM last nite!! And I think I fixed the Yahoodemort eating my email problem.